Steps of Salvation

The church is founded by Jesus Christ, God’s Son. God sent His Son to this earth to save us from our sin and to show us how to please Him, how to obey His will. The church is the result of Jesus Christ coming to earth. We become members of the church when we are saved from our sin. The information below provides passages that explain how to become a member of His church.

  • Hear – We must hear (or read) God’s word so that we know what His will is for His people.
    • Romans 10:17
    • Luke 11:28
    • John 5:24
  • Believe – We must have faith in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    • Hebrews 11:6
    • John 3:16
    • John 3:36
    • Romans 10:9
  • Repent – We must put aside our sinful life and follow God’s will.
    • Acts 17:30
    • Luke 5:31-32
    • Acts 20:21
  • Confess – We must confess that Christ is the Son of God and that He is our Savior.
    • Matthew 10:32
    • Philippians 2:11
    • 1 John 2:23
  • Baptized – We must be baptized for the remission of our sins.
    • Acts 2:38
    • Mark 16:16
    • Romans 6:1-23
  • Faithful – After doing the above, we become members of His church. We then must remain faithful in service to God.
    • Hebrews 10:23
    • Luke 16:10
    • Hebrews 3:12-19

The purpose of the Bible is to teach us and help us understand God’s will. The Bible will guide us to our salvation and guide us to live by God’s will.

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