Wednesday Evening Information

Outline of Class Material by Age: Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary & Junior

Wednesday Evening Bible Class – 7:00PM
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Nursery (Ages 0-2 years) Tiea Lemasters
1st Floor – Room 11
Topic: The Great Stories of the Bible
Preschool (Ages 2-4 years) Karen Clary
1st Floor – Room 12
Topic:  The Great Stories of the Bible
Kindergarten (Ages 4-5 years) Betsy Carroll
1st Floor – Room 13

Topic:  More Great Stories of the Bible
Primary (Grades 1-3) Judy Lance & Eileen Lemasters
2nd Floor – Room 21
Topic:  New Testament Stories
Juniors (Grades 4-5) Robin Privette & Diana Merrill
Teacher Resource Room
Topic:  New Testament Stories
Grades 6-12 Young Men’s Class
Mike Mobley
2nd Floor – ????
Topic: The Gospel of Mark

Young Ladies’ Class
Denise Scruggs
2nd Floor –
Room 22
Topic: A Look at Discipleship

Adult Class 1
Kirk Sams, Robert Higbee
1st Floor – Auditorium
Topic: Revelation
Ladies Class Rotation
1st Floor – Fellowship Hall
Topic: TBD

It is the intent of our curriculum guide to replace the published lessons series that are readily available. We have four goals in mind:

1) To nurture and nourish a healthy appreciation and respect for the revealed and written Word of God.

2) To approach and understand the bible within the framework it was revealed and recorded by our God’s Holy Spirit.

3) To stimulate and enhance the teacher’s own bile study.

4) To equip our children for Christian life.

The “Curriculum Guide Notes” provides a more detailed description of the goals and objectives, foundation, structure, and nature of the curriculum. The curriculum is formatted for single grade level classes. This page also contains the curriculum as it is formatted for our particular class grouping of the grade levels. We hope that you will find this curriculum as stimulating, challenging, and rewarding as your teachers have. The current edition is the fifth in the 16 years we have used it. It is a very fluid document.